No More “Franglais” or “Frenglish” 

    Finally, English translations of French documents, websites and videos are free of French syntax carryovers.

    Steph Kantorski, independent French-to-English translator in San Francisco, explains, “Clients looking for quality translations are so relieved! At last, their French materials are in real English.”

    Multinationals like Orange, Michelin and Société Générale agree. One executive told us, “I save at least an hour a day not fielding calls from confused colleagues overseas trying to decipher translated documents. We are thrilled.” Steph’s translations have improved their bottom line and brand image.

    “She always delivers perfectly proofed documents on time and is a meticulous researcher. You can tell she loves her job.”

Over 20 Years of Experience 

    Steph has been working in the language industry for more than two decades, spanning a wide array of functions.

    She has been a professional French-to-English translator since 1999 and a full-time freelancer based in New York and San Francisco since 2005. Read more on LinkedIn and ProZ...

Translating French Innovation & Ideas   

    France and other French-speaking countries are at the forefront of innovation and development in a broad range of fields.

    Kantranslate is dedicated to translating top-level documents  and content from French industry, science, engineering, R&D and media for a global English-speaking audience. Read some of her sample translations.


Easy Project Planning - Contact Today   

    You know what you want and Steph Kantorski knows what you mean – in both US and UK English. Present your content in real English with confidence.

    Kantranslate works with both translation agencies and direct clients. For more information, contact Steph at Kantranslate... 

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